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Saddle Records® was born out of the need for local country artists to have a media to develop, record, produce, promote and release their music. Located in the lush green hills of Yamhill Oregon's premier wine country in a community of less than 1000, Saddle Records easy going nature and lush valley surroundings are a prime location for the development of the country music arts. Still, Saddle Records is in its infancy ever changing and growing to fit the needs of the artist that we serve. But wait, there's still more.....

At the heart of any great artist is the passion and the drive inside and so it goes with Saddle Records, for the heart of Saddle Records is Yamhill Studio. This multi-track ( Digital / Analog ) recording and production facility is the corner stone of Saddle Records. Here is where they say the "rubber meet's the road." Still as with Saddle Records keeping an easy going, nurturing relationship with the artist in a country atmosphere even in the studio. No pressures here.

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Saddle Records is a recording label there to assist the country music artist with the recording of their music and if the need arises the sales and distribution of the fruit's of their labor.

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Saddle Records not only has country music artist like the local Traditional Country & Western group WestWind and we also have pre-recorded Country & Western music from 1960's through 1980's. Songs in a variety of audio formats like: 2 track reel to reel,  90 min. cassette 2 track,  on hold music.

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FREE Studio Time
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Once a fiscal year Saddle Records® selects an Artist or group from all prior months submissions (since the last free award) and awards 200 hours of free studio time. If the Artist or group accepts the award then a Demo or Album contract must be signed awarding their 200 hours of studio time and in kind granting Saddle Records® distribution and/or royalty rights to the media that was recorded. Masters become property of Saddle Records®. Any and all future arrangements between Saddle Records® and the Artist or group are at Saddle Records® normal studio and production rates unless other wise agreed upon. Other than the 200 hours, No other expenses will be incurred by Saddle Records® with regard to this agreement unless other prior written agreements have been made. The Restrictions that apply are: offer is void where prohibited, Saddle Records® reserves the right of final decision, Studio/Recording times restricted to off normal production times and dates, there is no cash value, offer cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotion.


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