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Traditional is their middle name.

Remember when listening to the radio years ago the newest country artist had their own completely unique and different style. That’s WestWind . With Norm & Betty blending 25 years of country harmony and their friends Bob and Frank together bring you their own rich Country & Western sound. From time to time you will also find special friends that appear with WestWind on their albums.

Someone in WestWind said " If we don’t keep singing the old country music it might die. Nobody seems to be listening to the good old stuff." Well that was a number of years ago and thank goodness that trends come and trends go but the traditional country music is back and stronger than ever thanks to loyal listeners.

WestWind say’s they like not only the traditional country, but a lot of the music they play is gospel. Like, the Old Rugged Cross, If Heaven Can’t Wait. "That’s the stuff we listen to and what were made of."

If you’re looking for that so called ( hot new country band ) you’re going the wrong way WestWind sings traditional country music. Not looking for fame and fortune or even quitting their day job when WestWind plays live in Portland Oregon and the surrounding valley area it’s all ways been for non-profit. " Not just because it would take all the fun out but you get in to that money thing. You know!! "

Someone in WestWind said lets make some tapes so others can hear our country sound. So they came to Saddle Records. So here are WestWind’s first released recordings done entirely at Saddle Records.

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