To The Talent Database...

But before you do... there is a few things you should know about
our purpose for having it, and the database's proper use.

Purpose of the database.
The Saddle Records database was originally designed to host a list of music related talents for the music industry and to provide a easily accessible searchable list of all music related talents for other musicians to quorum.

Database and its use.
1. The first page you will access is the "LIST" page.  There you will have access to all current records in the database. From this page you can perform a number of functions like, "BACK, ADD, RESET, REFRESH, SEARCH from this page.
<<<<<<<<<<<     These functions are listed below.  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2. This database is ONLY for personal use and research. No commercial use is allowed.
<<<<<<<<<<<    Please Read Our Disclaimer.   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

3.  To add information to the database you must use the "ADD" function.  This will take you to the edit page where you can insert your information in a specifically requested way.  All fields must be filled out correctly ( numbers in the number fields, letters in the letters fields ) or a ERROR will occur.

4.a  To search the database in Ascending Order is simply to be on the "LIST" page and either click on a header ( ContactFirstName ) to sort then click the page numbers below to get to the right page record you are looking for.
4.b  To search a field simply be on the "LIST" page and scroll down to the bottom of the page and in the box called search fill in information that you would like to look for. Not all information in the database can be searched.  Some information is held in private.
<<<<<<<<<<<    Please Read Our Privacy Statement.   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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Database Functions

This function is the only way to take you back to the previous page you were before. DO NOT use your browsers back     function as it will cause a ERROR in the database while you are using it.

This function allows you to add your information to the database. This function will take you to the EDIT page.

This function puts the database back into its original state it was before you first accessed the database.

This function primarily allows the database to display any new ( added ) information that was not previously there before you first accessed the database.

This function allows the database to display record information in a specific requested way of your choice.

Any time the database has been misused, data entered incorrectly or confused by a command function.  At this point the only remedy to resolve this situation is to use you browsers back command and hope this takes you out of your dilemma. You MUST exit the database entirely, and re-access the database once again in order to continue using it.

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