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CowPie Bunkhouse
Welcome to the Country Western Pickers of the Internet COWPIE's purpose in life is to allow guitar players who enjoy country music (and it's many substyles) to contact one another and swap songs, techniques, and information without wading through all the mixture of musical styles covered in the usenet groups.to contact one another and swap songs, techniques, and information without wading through all the mixture of musical styles covered in the usenet groups.

Free Country Songs
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MP3.com Messenger There's plenty of free music on the Internet, but not nearly enough time for most of us to sort through it all. Sign up for the free MP3.com Messenger and we'll do the legwork for you! Every day, week or month, we'll send you free song files and links to the best country music on the net. Join now!
CopyRight Office U.S. Government
Here you will find all our key publications, including informational circulars; application forms for copyright registration; links to the copyright law and to the home pages of other copyright-related organizations; news of what the Office is doing, including  Congressional testimony and press releases; our latest regulations; a link to our online copyright records cataloged since 1978; and much more.
Dirty Linen
The Magazine of Folk and World Music. Music News, Book and Video Reviews, Concert Reviews, Recording Reviews The Horse Trader (classifieds), The Gig Guide (Who's Playing Where?)
Wireless (What's on the Airwaves?), New Releases, and so much more!
A music performing rights organization a company that represents songwriters even if they also happen to be recording artists a company that collects money from people who use music in the course of their business and then pays that money to the writers and publishers of the songs they use.

Shareware Music Machine

The Harry Fox Agency
The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA) was established in 1927 by NMPA to provide an information source, clearinghouse and monitoring service for licensing musical copyrights. For seventy years, HFA has provided efficient and convenient service for publisher clients (who need not be members of NMPA) and for a broad spectrum of music users. The Agency now represents more than 20,000 American music publishers and licenses a large percentage of the uses of music in the United States on records, tapes, CDs and imported phonorecords. It also licenses music on a worldwide basis on behalf of its publisher principals for use in films, commercials, television programs, and all other types of audio-visual media.
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A membership society of over 78,000 active composer, songwriter, lyricist and music publisher members. ASCAP was created in 1914 to provide the essential link between the creators of music and the users of music. We are the only performing rights licensing organization in the United States whose
Board of Directors is made up entirely of writers and music publishers elected by and from our membership.
Country Stars.com
Country stars, Concert Info, Crook & Chase top 40, Katy Bees Nashville newsline, Programming

 The Academy of Country Music
Welcome to the Academy of Country Music Official Website! This is your access to everything you'd like to know about the ACM: the Academy of Country Music Awards, the Winners, the Show, the Events and the Artists of the ACM. Simply select one ot the above icons to take you where you want to go. And please visit any time you like.

Country Music, Motorsports, Outdoors,\ Music store, Book store, Grand Ole Opry

A community created by musicians, bringing together musicians and music fans.

The Ultimate Band List
Part of the Artist Direct Network.
...Anything you could ever want to know about music is right here, and it's the ONLY place to feature official store channels run by the artists themselves. No one brings you closer to your favorite artists and the music you love.



Nola Reeves
Campaign for traditional country music
(old & new) and our great legends!

  Musician's Friend Homepage

At MP3.com is the ultimate source for digital music downloaded from the Internet. In an average day we have 200,000+ visits to our downloads area for diverse music genres ranging from Alternative to Traditional music. We've successfully delivered millions of songs to listeners from around the world and continue to enhance our site daily.



The C.M.A.
The CMA is the leading force in making Country Music the most listened-to type of music in the United States. The association’s volunteer board of directors, all top industry leaders working in concert with CMA’s professional staff, focuses on strategic objectives: to guide and enhance the development of Country Music throughout the world, to demonstrate it as a viable business medium for advertisers, and to provide an ongoing public relations initiative for the Country Music industry.


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